Data Encryption Service

Data Protection, System Security & Backup Solutions

Your computer is likely to contain sensitive information, precious memories and valuable documents. Securing your network is just as important as locking up your home or business premises. We tailor simple and reliable solutions for homes and businesses of all sizes.

Protect Your Data

Data is vulnerable to multiple sources. It can be corrupted from software or hardware, lost, deleted (accidentally or intentionally), attacked by viruses, and encrypted and held to ransom by hackers. Losing data can have heartbreaking and financial consequences. When it comes to data, protection is better than cure.

Secure Your Network

Strange logins and mysterious data loss can be a sign your system is compromised. Networking is for your convenience, not for the convenience of others.

Backup Your System

Life happens, and so does data loss. Power surges, liquid spills, theft, drops, mechanical failure … we can’t predict when or how data loss might occur, but we can help you prevent it with secure storage, automated processes and cloud backup.
We can set up your systems and devices, so they are secure as possible. As an extra measure, you can use data encryption, so it is inaccessible in the case that it is stolen. Using other security measures like two-factor authentication is also important to keep your data safe.

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