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Power surges, liquid spills, and hard drive failures can be unexpected and distressing. You can trust us to look after you and your whole system: hardware, software and data. We regularly provide written reports for insurance claims relating to accidental and surge damage.


Leave your system with us for a day, over the weekend, or while you are on holidays, and we’ll get it back to you clean, streamlined, and running faster, cooler and quieter. A service includes a physical, internal clean, and we use up-to-the-minute diagnostic tools for memory testing, hard drive testing, CPU testing, motherboard testing, virus and malware checks, software updates, and more. You may be surprised just how much dust can build up inside your computer. Even when your home or office are clean and pet free. Dust in your computer puts strain on the componentry and makes it harder for your system to stay cool. Your computer may respond to an increase of internal heat by running slower, but in worst cases it is a fire hazard. In a Brisbane summer, running a hot system is something to avoid. Getting a yearly service means you are far more likely to catch errors and make minor tweaks before they become major issues, with the potential for data loss.

Have a look at some before and after images HERE.


If your system could be faster, more reliable, or less glitchy, talk to us about simple ways to increase the speed, the storage space, or the graphics ability of your computer. We offer custom upgrades to suit household, business, gaming, design, video and music production and more.

Remove Any Threats Lurking in Your Computer.